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4 Comments 12 May 2010


Are you new to The New Man?

Not to worry, I’ve compiled this simple list of The Best New Man Podcasts (I’m sure listeners will argue with me). Consider this a great place to dive into The New Man.

Best “Where Do I Start?” Interview

timf-bioTim Ferriss: “How to Be Kickass Fast”

4-Hour Emperor Tim Ferriss reveals how he deals with challenges, failure, and much more. This is a favorite among The New Man Podcast’s fans.

>> Click here to listen

Best “Stop Playing it Safe and Go Have Fun” Interview

laird-bioLaird Hamilton: “Fear, Failure, Family, and Fun”

Big wave surfing legend Laird Hamilton takes us “behind the curtain” to discuss his fears and why it’s bullshit to use your family or career as an excuse to play it safe.

>> Click here to listen

Best “I’m Stuck and I Need a Kick in the Ass” Interview

steve-pressfield-3Steven Pressfield: “The War of Resistance and Self Sabotage”

Pressfield wrote the book — literally — on sacking up and beating resistance. Consider him your Yoda. Listen and learn from the legend himself.

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Best “I’m Tired of Feeling Anxious and I Just Want to Enjoy My F-king Life!” Interview

chip-conleyChip Conley: “Emotional Equations, Anxiety and Doing What You Love”

Business heavy-weight Chip Conley discusses practical ways to slow down, ease anxiety, and deal with your confusing emotions. He should know — he literally died while trying to ignore his own emotional world. Listen to his powerful story.

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Best “What’s the Best Thing I Can Start Doing Today?” Interview

Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson: “How to Meditate and Why it Matters”

When asked “What’s one thing a guy can do today that will make a positive change in his life?” most guests answer, “Meditate.” In this talk, Brian Johnson and I discuss what meditation is, what it’s not, why it matters plus our own experiences.

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Best “I’m Gonna Puke if I Keep Doing this Job” Interview

Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson: “What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid” & “Do You Have the Balls to Live the Life of Your Dreams?”

Feeling stuck? Feeling uninspired? Listen to this interview to light a fire under your ass.

>> Click here for part 1

>> Click here for part 2

Best “How Do I Fix My Marriage/Relationship?” Interview

mark-bioMark Michael Lewis: “Get Your Relationship Out of the Ditch”

Practical tips and tools to get out of a “you’re wrong and I’m right” stalemate and into a partnership you’re both excited about. Also, why saying “Yes, dear” is like saying “Yes, Mommy.”

>> Click here to listen

Best “Why Are Women So Damn Crazy?” Interview

alyson-1Alyson Schwabe & Christiane Pelmas: “How to Navigate a Woman’s Emotional Minefield”

I got so many emails from this one. It’s a game changer. We should’ve learned this stuff back in grade school. This interview saved marriages. Period.

christiane>> Click here for part 1

>> Click here for part 2

Best “Why is My Wife/Girlfriend So Sensitive?” Interview

marc-d-bioMarc David: “What You Need to Know About Women, Their Bodies and Food”

This interview contains some of the most powerful insights into women and their behaviors. If you want to know what makes a woman tick, give this a listen.

>> Click here to listen

Best “I’m Tired of Trying to Make Everyone Happy” Interview

gloverDr Robert Glover: “No More Mr Nice Guy”

Most guys — whether they realize it or not — are probably stuck in The Nice Guy Syndrome. They’re exhausted and frustrated dealing with everyone else’s stuff and not getting what they want. Sound familiar?

>> Click here to listen

Best “What the Hell Am I Doing with My Life?” Interview

kute1Kute Blackson: “What Are You Waiting For?” & “Are You Ready to Die?”

Many of us are on autopilot — waiting for something or someone to come along and make a change. Consider this a loving smack on the ass.

>> Click here for part 1

>> Click here for part 2

Best “Holy Crap! I Thought MY Life Was Hard” Interview

Michael Kass: “Prison, Dark Night of the Soul & Suicide — Why Bother Living”

It’s dark. It’s deep. You’ll see your life in a different light.

>> Click here to listen

Best “I Want to Be a Sex-Jedi” Interview

nicoleNicole Daedone: “How to Give Her a 15 Minute Orgasm”

There’s apparently more to sex than your penis. A lot more.

>> Click here to listen

Best “I Got Dumped and I Think I’m Going Crazy” Interview

reuvainReuvain Bacal: “How to Handle a Breakup or Loss”

We all get dumped. We all experience heartbreak. And most of us hide like wounded prey. Here’s what you can do to actually pull yourself out of the tailspin.

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  1. Terry says:

    the older podcasts don’t play, the subject matter looks awesome but they don’t play at itunes, podcast alley, your site, or podbean

  2. Tripp says:

    Hello Terry. We just checked all links on this site and iTunes and they are working fine. We don’t have any control over Podcast Alley or Podbean. Can you point us to a specific link or show? Thanks.

  3. Tripp says:

    We found the problem and the links are fixed. Thanks for your help, Terry.

  4. A.H.A. says:

    The best one by far is the Spankneesh episode.

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