Are you frustrated with your life and beating yourself up about it?

Is your need for a foolproof plan or strategy keeping you stuck?

And does your fear of what people might think have you playing small?

Marc Quinn was a New Man listener just like you. Stuck in a dead end job, he got sick and tired of bullshitting himself. He’s been on quite a journey and now — he makes a living focusing on women and their orgasms. Let’s see what he’s learned by stepping into uncertainty and following his passions.

In this interview:

  • How to stop playing small
  • How to start taking risks
  • Getting out of a dead end job
  • Getting over the fear of what others may think


  • The confidence that comes from knowing how to pleasure women
  • Dealing with porn addiction
  • How orgasmic meditation changed Marc’s life
  • Nicole Daedone and One Taste
  • How to stop bullshitting yourself and take action

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About Marc Quinn

marcquinnbioMarc Quinn is the founder of TurnON Britain. He teaches Orgasmic Meditation to enthusiastic British people, and believes in taking seemingly dumb risks to make amazing things happen. Part web designer, part orgasm coach, he is here to serve the feminine – that indescribable ever changing force that the world is needing more of. He really really likes chocolate.

Click here to learn more about TurnON Britain.

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