Here are just a few unsolicited testimonials for The New Man Podcast

“I love the sh-t you offer through your podcasts. The interviews are F’in awesome! Thanks for offering all this up for free and putting so much energy into it. I’m personally going through a transformation and the input is great!”

Steven B.

“Tripp, You f–king kick ass. Your podcast is killer – f–king killer, beyond anything. It’s the only one I listen to – it covers damn near every base that is important to me as a Man: God, Sex, Money, Women, Get-Off-Your-Ass Attitude Adjustments & Loving Bitch-Slaps, Meditation, and Dick Jokes.”

Dalton F.

“First of all I love what you do. The kind of subjects you cover are always of interest to me and they paint a picture of what is possible for me as I grow as a man.”

Chris G.

“You are doing an amazing job of kicking out regular and hugely impactful podcasts to the world.  They have impacted me personally and I am grateful for your ability to deliver the goods with every interview.  Amazing work. Keep it coming, you’re making the world a better place.”

Bob T.

“Congrats on all your work with the podcast and the positive influence I’m sure you’ve had on thousands of guys worldwide. I wanted to say thanks for being alive and doing what you’re doing.”

Steve O.

“I am telling every guy I know about the cast and that they are idiots if they don’t follow it. Thanks.”

Tim K.

“I discovered the New Man about 6 months ago, and I love what you are doing. I think your podcast is an amazing tool for helping men realize their full potential in all areas of life–spiritually, emotionally, physically–the whole gamut.”

Robert A.

“Just started listening to the podcast today – I’m up to #20 already.”

Brian W.

“Just wanted to say I fucking love your podcast — intelligent, humorous, inspiring and educational.
All my boys back in Hong Kong dig it too…”

Daniel W.

“I just got done listening to your interview with Guy and oh my fucking god it was good but freaking scary!! (excuse my french)  I had one of the most eye opening moments of my life.”


“Hey Tripp, Thanks for doing The New Man. The show has been a big influence on my life.”

Mike N.

“I just found your podcast last night. So far I have listened to 11 episodes. I want to thank you for the work you put into the podcast, it shows.”

Tom F.

“I enjoy listening to the podcast every week.  It has become an integral part of my week and they are motivating me to make the changes that need to be made in my life.  Thanks for all the down to earth and to the point discussions.”

Neal P.

“I’ve been listening to the New Man podcasts for a while now and have loved every one of them. I love their spirit, humor, depth, and charisma. I always learn something from each one. Thank you for your continuing efforts to bring this work into the world. Keep up the amazing work, Tripp! You are an inspiration!!”

Jacob W.

“Your podcast has been an open gateway to a world of growth I never could have imagined possible. Thank you again, again.”

Dale V.

“Tripp, I’ve been listening to your podcast the last couple months while I’m working out. Today it was with the ladies of AMP… dude, your stuff is awesome, and I’ve put several other men onto it. But this podcast was – for me – the most incredible interview yet. I’m a newly married (3rd time) New Warrior and fan of Deida. These ladies put a lot of Deida’s stuff into a new perspective for me… as to how to bring more integrity and presence into my marriage. Have em on again! Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Bob W.

“Hi Tripp — I just want to send you some thanks. I’ve spent the last few months in rural Ghana conducting field research, facing the most challenging work of my life and having just ended a 2.5 year relationship. I discovered your podcast while I was here and started listening to it every day on my way to and from the field sites. It was HUGE–the self-reflection it stimulated was powerful and immediately began changing how I thought and felt. Many of your conversations clarified a lot of the personal challenges I have to work with, and now I’m committed to extending the moments of self-possession I feel into weeks, months, years. Thank you for putting this podcast out; 2 out of 3 times it gets my mind and heart humming–that’s hard to find anywhere. I especially like how you remember to focus on practice; your usual question of ‘What can we give the guy who’s listening to this?’ is always helpful. Keep it coming Tripp.”


“Dude – I’ve listened to (consumed) nearly all the episodes so far – some, multiple times. This stuff SO resonates with me! Big thing that grabs my attention is the in-my-face approach of each episode’s theme. I appreciate what you’re doing! Be well!”


“Hi Tripp, I just wanted to thank you for The New Man, it has really made a huge difference in my life of late.  I’ve just about listened to every episode now, and fail to be disappointed.  The interview with Ed Fell led me to defining my passion, and the interviews with Rob McNamara and Shawn Phillips have inspired me to get into strength training. You are putting something special out into the world, and I can’t thank you enough.”

Gary M.

“I discovered your podcast about a week ago, and it’s safe to say that I’m hooked. I am so challenged by what you and your guests have been saying, and I am taking steps to become more authentic in all areas of my life. It’s incredibly refreshing to hear men (and women) be so honest about relationships and personal development. Thank you for creating this show.”

Jackson W.

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for the good work you do with The New Man podcast. It got me thinking a little more about myself and my partner. I actually think my marriage will benefit from it. So, thank you.”

Ed T.

“I LOVE MY LIFE! It’s resources like you that helped get me here. You keep me healthy and striving to better myself! I’m VERY grateful for the work you do. Tripp, thank you!!!!! You’re the parenting I never had!”

Anonymous, San Francisco