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“Entrepreneurs, Pro Athletes, Artists, Self Made Millionaires, Musicians, Executives, Thought Leaders, Hedge Fund Managers, TED Talkers, and even an Aviatrix. I coach the people who inspire others. The labels are irrelevant.”

Tripp Lanier

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What About Fear and the Creative Process?

Tweet“It’s rough out there. Crazy. If I want to make a big change in my life or business, I want the plan that’s going to work. I want order. I don’t have time or energy or money to mess around. And if I am wandering around I must be doing it wrong.” That could be...

Sabotage and Finding Motivation

TweetMy client thought he was sabotaging his life and business. “I get what I want and then I don’t want it.” He was a badass at creating big visions and plans: Taking companies public, big titles, cash, stock options. So why was he struggling to find motivation these...

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