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“Entrepreneurs, Pro Athletes, Artists, Self Made Millionaires, Musicians, Executives, Thought Leaders, Hedge Fund Managers, TED Talkers, and even an Aviatrix. I coach the people who inspire others. The labels are irrelevant.”

Tripp Lanier

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This Doesn’t Make You Weak

Tweet“If I don’t keep pushing, I’m going to get left behind.” “If I slow down, someone else is going to eat my lunch.” “If I back off, I’m going to become irrelevant.” I don’t like to admit it, but these thoughts enter my head from time to time. My work and life are...

Why I got tired of playing with myself

TweetAs a young guitarist, I used to find a lot of meaning playing music by myself for hours alone in my bedroom. That got boring after a while. Why? Because I’d joined a band. That’s where we felt most alive and connected — those moments where we clicked together and...

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