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TNM 154: John Wesley – How to Own Your Power




Are you playing small without even knowing it?

Are you missing opportunities because you’re afraid to rock the boat?

And could it be possible that what you really want is much closer than you can imagine?

Progressive rock badass John Wesley is back to discuss how he reinvented himself by claiming his power and taking his seat next the big names in the business.

In this interview:

  • How to stop settling
  • The power of surrounding yourself with positive, powerful people
  • Reinventing his career after losing his mother and becoming a father in the same week
  • Asking Alex Lifeson of Rush to play on his record
  • Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree

Click here to check out John Wesley’s album Disconnect.

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Tripp Lanier on Art of Charm Podcast


On the fence about your current relationship?

mza_5763871981581239838.170x170-75Click here to listen to Tripp Lanier on The Art of Charm Podcast.

He and Jordan Harbinger discuss:

  • Taking relationships to the next level
  • Making a commitment you’re excited about
  • Managing expectations and agreements
  • Creating a relationship you’re psyched to commit to
  • Agreements — what you want vs what “they” want
  • Avoiding the “marriage trap”

Click here to listen now.

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TNM 153: Greg Long – How to Come Back from the Dead



sine-qua-non-video-imageAre you waiting to get your confidence up before trying something scary?

Do you feel like you need to hide your fears from yourself and the world?

And how does avoiding risk zap your energy and kill your enjoyment for life?

Big Wave World Champion Surfer Greg Long nearly drowned and then went Christmas shopping the very next day. While his body may have recovered quickly, his fears and confusion about living took a far greater toll.

In this interview:

  • What it’s like to drown in huge surf at Cortes Bank
  • What to do when you lose your fire
  • How to take the power away from our fears
  • Why the best preparation in the world won’t protect you from getting knocked around
  • Why avoiding risk and fear is killing you


  • How ego keeps us playing small
  • The trap of attaching our identity to what we do in the world
  • Getting stuck in jobs or relationships that don’t serve us anymore
  • Controlling our thoughts
  • Letting go of negative feelings

Click here to learn more about Sine Qua Non: The Psychology of Big Wave Surfing with Greg Long.

Photo credits: A-Frame Media (banner), Seth Migdail (bio)

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