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“Entrepreneurs, Pro Athletes, Artists, Self Made Millionaires, Musicians, Executives, Thought Leaders, Hedge Fund Managers, TED Talkers, and even an Aviatrix. I coach the people who inspire others. The labels are irrelevant.”

Tripp Lanier

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Am I On the Wrong Path?

Am I On the Wrong Path?

TweetHere’s a great way of viewing the world if you want to stay stuck out on the end of the proverbial diving board: “I thought I wanted to XYZ. So why does it seem so hard? Why am I not in the mood to do it? Does that mean it’s not something I truly want?” Instead...
179 The Truth About Relationships – Neil Strauss

179 The Truth About Relationships – Neil Strauss

Neil Strauss discusses the cost of dishonesty and what he’s learned from his journey through infidelity, sex addiction rehab, open relationships, polyamory, swinging, sex clubs, and now marriage and fatherhood. The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships

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