Interviews with Guests You May Already Know

Tim Ferriss – Author of The 4 Hour Workweek, podcaster, investor
Laird Hamilton – Big wave surfing legend, entrepreneur
Mark Manson – Author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
Neil Strauss – Author of The Game, The Truth, and many other books
Dan Millman – Author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Rickson Gracie – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Legend, author of Breathe: A Life in Flow
Adrian Grenier – Actor (HBO’s Entourage), impact investor
Ryan Holiday – Author of The Ego is the Enemy, The Daily Stoic, The Obstacle is the Way
Aubrey Marcus – Onnit CEO, podcaster, author

Alan Alda – Legendary actor, TV host, and author
Jonathan Haidt – Social Psychologist, author of The Righteous Mind, The Happiness Hypothesis
Robert Greene – Author of Mastery, The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction

W. Kamau Bell – Comedian, CNN’s “The United Shades of America”
AJ Jacobs – Human guinea pig, author of My Life as an Experiment, The Year of Living Biblically
Phil Stutz + Barry Michels – Therapists to the rich and famous, authors of The Tools and Coming Alive
Joe De Sena – CEO and Founder of the Spartan Race, author of Spartan Up and others

Steven Pressfield – Author of many books including the legendary The War of Art
Ken Wilber – Integral philosopher, author of many books, has been called “the smartest man alive”
Greg Long – World champion big wave surfer
don Miguel Ruiz Jr – Author, speaker, spiritual teacher
Mark Divine – Fmr Navy SEAL Commander, founder of SEALFIT, author, entrepreneur

Dave Asprey – Founder of Bulletproof, author, podcaster
Gabby Reece – Author, pro athlete, TV personality, wife to Laird Hamilton
Vernon Reid – Virtuoso guitarist for Living Colour
Steve Pavlina – Author of Personal Development for Smart People, controversial blogger