Do you put some people on a pedestal and then feel like crap when you compare yourself to them?

Is a mindset of focus, discipline, and leadership something you’re born with or can it be trained?

And how is your addiction to drama and negativity distracting you from an amazing life?

The Way of the SEAL author Mark Divine is back to discuss how you can benefit from thinking and leading like an elite warrior.

In this interview:

  • How to determine what direction to take in life
  • How you can train yourself to have great focus, discipline, and positivity
  • What really creates transformational growth
  • How to bulletproof your mission
  • What it means to “embrace the suck”


  • Why it’s time to slow down and get out of your own way
  • The wrong way to approach personal development
  • Why most people fail
  • How to positively prepare for a fast changing world
  • Why a negative outlook makes it impossible to create

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About Mark Divine divine-bio

Mark Divine is from upstate New York with a degree in economics from Colgate University and an MBA in Finance from New York University Stern School of Business. Mark’s first career was with Coopers & Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouse Coopers) as a Certified Public Accountant. Clients included luminous financial firms such as Solomon Brothers and Paine Weber.

Four years after joining Coopers, Mark left behind the corporate world to pursue his vision to become an elite Navy SEAL officer. At 26 he graduated as honor-man (#1 ranked trainee) of his SEAL BUD/s class number 170. Mark served for nine years total on Active Duty and eleven as a Reserve SEAL, retiring as Commander in 2011.

Mark embarked on his third career as an entrepreneur in 1996 by co-founding the successful Coronado Brewing Company (CBC) and founding the web e-commerce site He later sold his interest in CBC, but continues to run as the leading web site for gear and information about the SEALs. In 2006 he launched US Tactical, a government contracting business where he gained contracts with Naval Special Warfare Group ONE for training support and with the Navy Recruiting Command for a nationwide mentoring program for SEAL trainees. This latter program was credited with increasing the quality of Navy SEAL candidates and reducing the attrition rate at BUD/s by up to 5% and was the inspiration for SEALFIT.

After working with thousands of special ops candidates and professionals developing mental toughness, Mark self-published his first book Unbeatable Mind in 2011 and launched the at-home study program He is also the author of The Way of the SEAL published by Readers Digest and 8 Weeks to SEALFIT published by St. Martins Press.

SEALFIT is uniquely effective at developing elite level physical fitness and mental toughness. The program has helped thousands to operate at an entirely new level in their personal and professional lives, and is used by military, first responders and sheepdog-like professionals of all stripes worldwide.

Click here to learn more about The Way of the SEAL by Mark Divine.