Extraordinary Stories

Below are a few interviews with folks telling extraordinary stores about their lives.

What’s it Like to Sell Sex for a Living? An Escort Talks About Sex and Power

A Man Faces Going to Prison and asks “Why Bother Living?”

What’s It Like to Go to Prison? Descriptions of Life Behind Bars

“Will They Still Love Me?” A Gay Man Comes Out to His Sons

“There Were So Many Farts it Sounded Like a Bunch of Angry Cats” Funny, Disgusting Stories and Spiritual Retreat Disasters

What It’s Like to Drown – Pro Surfer Greg Long on How to Come Back from the Dead

“I Watched My Brother’s Murderer Be Put to Death.”

“We Wanted to Dump LSD into the Water Supply of San Francisco” A Zen Master Talks About Sex, Drugs and Escaping from Life

“That’s When I Hit Rock Bottom” The Hero’s Journey Through Addiction

“I Didn’t Know I Had a Heart Attack” – How to Live When You Should Be Dead