Do you believe that if you make enough money, have enough sex, do enough drugs, meditate enough, whatever — that you’ll be able to escape the frustration of living?

Is your striving and seeking making you miserable?

And what is more satisfying than tons of sex and mind crushing drugs?

Zen Master Jun Po Denis Kelly is back to discuss his life and his attempts to outrun suffering, anger and the law.

In this interview:

  • Why it’s okay to be angry
  • A little boy covered in urine experiencing samadhi
  • Spiritual benefits of LSD
  • Keith Martin Smith and A Heart Blown Open
  • Ken Wilber’s role in the book
  • Escaping life and the law
  • Striving/seeking vs letting go
  • Lots and lots of meditation

Click here to learn more about A Heart Blown Open by Keith Martin Smith.


About Jun Po Denis Kelly

Jun Po Denis Kelly is a man of many things—Zen Buddhist Roshi, Ashtanga yogi, psychedelic pioneer, former federal prisoner, cancer survivor, and noted modernizer of the famed Rinzai tradition of samurai-era Japan. He began his Buddhist practice at Zen Center San Francisco in the early ’70s, later becoming a student of Eido Shimano Roshi in New York and subsequently a monk.

He received his Zen Master recognition in 1992. Interested in bringing his Zen lineage into American culture without the Japanese cultural bindings, Jun Po left the monastery and founded the lay Buddhist Hollow Bones order, of which he is abbot.

His contemporary Rinzai path, known as Mondo Zen, updates the traditional Zen koan study with a new dialectic “ego deconstruction/reconstruction” dialogue process born of an innovative blend of East and West. A yoga instructor as well, he traces his lineage to BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois. Jun Po has been practicing, studying and teaching Zen and Yoga for over twenty-five years.

Click here to learn more about A Heart Blown Open by Keith Martin Smith.


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Photo credit: Darrin Harris Frisby