Hero’s Journey Through Addiction

What do you do on a regular basis to escape reality?

What’s to blame for the crappy things happening in your life?

And what can one man’s journey through addiction teach us about our own hero’s journey?

We’ve all got addictions of some sort, and we’re all trying to hide our shortcomings from others. Today Shane Ramer from Sober Guy Radio shares his story about addiction, having a powerful mindset, and creating a life in service of something much larger than himself.

In this interview:

  • Shane’s mindset for overcoming addiction
  • Moving out of a victim mindset to take full responsibility
  • The myth that asking for help makes you weak
  • Why we doubt ourselves after taking a stand
  • Finding ways to turn shame into service to others

Click here to learn more about Shane Ramer’s podcast and find addiction recovery resources.

About Shane Ramer

Shane Ramer is the creator & host of ThatSoberGuy.com and Sober Guy Radio. He also works as a corporate media producer with an extensive background in music and production. In September 2013, after a long battle with addiction, Shane checked himself into a 30 day rehab facility, and has remained clean and sober ever since. In 2014 he created Sober Guy Radio, which focuses on sharing personal experience and offering resources to help those struggling and recovering from alcoholism and addiction. That Sober Guy platform continues to grow and provide a solid
resource in the recovery community. Shane is married to his wife Jessica of 13 years, and they have a daughter Lucy, son Cash, and live in Northern California.

Click here to learn more about Shane Ramer’s podcast and find addiction recovery resources.

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