The life of the New Man just got a whole lot more complicated.

This week we’re talking with Ken Wilber, world-renown Integral philosopher about the evolution of men’s and women’s roles in our society.

Ken shows us how our current disagreements over equality between the sexes actually stemmed from old school tools and “little things” like pregnancy.

Ken also talks about how we’re all influenced greatly by not just technology but our personal beliefs and the pressures of society.

His work is centered around showing how all of these forces impact us and one another. In other words, Ken shows us how all the pieces in this crazy life fit together and the end result is fascinating.

You may never see your life the same way again.

Click here to learn more about Integral Life Practice by Ken Wilber.


About Ken Wilber

g-ken-wilber-SMKen Wilber, at age 56, is the first thinker and writer to have his collected works published while still alive. With 25 books translated into some 30 foreign languages, he is the most widely translated academic writer in the United States. Ken is the internationally acknowledged originator of Integral Theory and founder of Integral Institute.

Click here to learn more about Integral Life Practice by Ken Wilber.