Beat Resistance: The Four Limiting Mindsets and How to Pivot into Action

In this 25 minute micro-course you’ll learn:

— The key steps Tripp uses to coach Navy SEALs, entrepreneurs, executives, and other coaches

— How to recognize the four limiting mindsets that keep us on a lousy trajectory in life

— What you can do to immediately pivot into action so that you feel strong

Tripp Lanier

People hire me initially for results – to make great money doing what they were put on this Earth to do. That’s why they write the check.


Along the way we create something far more powerful. Their lives are no longer a rollercoaster of pressure, striving, and self-criticism. They’re no longer dragged around by the fear, bullshit, and drama that drowns so many others.


And that’s priceless.


Tripp Lanier

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