Tripp Lanier, professional coach and men’s group facilitator, kicks off The New Man by calling on a group of Boulder men to discuss Men’s Groups. The guys talk about what they think when they hear the term “men’s group,” what they would like to gain from participating in a men’s group, and the unique value that men can offer one another

Rollie, an internet professional and spiritual practitioner, brings up a common phenomenon he calls the “pre/trans” misconception in which pre-conventional “macho” behavior is associated with the masculine and avoided or repressed, preventing an authentic Trans-conventional masculinity from emerging.

Keith, freelance writer and Kung-fu teacher, points to Taoist principles of yin and yang and the inherent power in each. He notes that as men cultivate the softer yin energy they cut off their own personal power and the power of that yin as well as their inherent yang energy.

Rich, restauranteur, relates that in his years as a married man, he unknowingly missed out on the unique relationship that other men provide. He looks into how a men’s group can be similar and different from one on one coaching.

Casey, marketing professional and New Man producer, shares that his clarity of direction allows him to be more available for giving in relationship and the world. The support of men keeps him on his “edge,” the place where he is growing and expanding his capacities to handle life’s challenges.

This is the very first episode of The New Man Podcast and was originally recorded with the intention that it would not be aired.