In the previous episode we learned that being in a serious relationship doesn’t mean that you are cut off from what you truly want in life. This week we continue our discussion with relationship experts Alyson and Reuvain and learn practical ways to communicate your desires to your woman.

Alyson even gives us a tip on how to approach your woman honestly, even if its something as sensitive as sexual attraction and body weight that has become a challenge to your relationship. Get the inside scoop on how to bring your relationship with a woman into the world of healthy differentiation, and feel the depth of connection that results.

About Alyson Schwabe Lanier, Psychotherapist, MA, CGT, LPC

g-alyson-schwabe-2284-SMAlyson Schwabe Lanier has been in the mental health and human services field since 1996. She received her BA and MA in psychology, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor with the state of Colorado. Alyson has 8 years of specialization training in Gestalt therapy, and is known nationally for her approach in teaching people to relate authentically and live with intention.

Alyson’s theory and application are rooted in gestalt, developmental, energetic, and somatic psychologies, while her central philosophies are aligned with integral theory, human potential, and consciousness development. She offers real-world skills and actively helps you work out unfinished issues in the moment.  Alyson will help you make conscious, empowered choices so you are in charge of your life and how you live it.

Alyson is most often found training the trainer, and is the support behind those that influence the masses. She provides on-location private intensives, facilitates workshops in the art of authentic contact, and teaches her approach at Naropa University’s graduate school of psychology. To reach her, you can call her directly at 303.800.4391 or visit her website.

About Reuvain Bacal, Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach

g-reuvain-bacal-2410-SMReuvain Bacal, MA is a psychotherapist specializing in men’s issues and couples counseling, and is a leader in the local men’s community. He has started and led men’s groups for over a decade, and has taught Group Dynamics and Leadership at Naropa University. He is a course leader for The Red Pill Weekend. Reuvain is passionate about helping men connect to their heart, balls, and authenticity. He lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and daughter.