“Repressed anger is as harmful as inappropriately expressed anger,” Masters says when describing how to allow emotions to arise naturally. He says healthy anger is “the guardian of healthy boundaries.”

Robert talks about being present to the emotions that are arising and giving them space to be expressed authentically.

When he says, “Fear is excitement in drag,” Masters is talking about the similarity of the emotions of fear and excitement as they are felt. When we allow the emotion to arise, without avoiding it, fear can be an exhilarating and useful emotion.

In Part 2 of our discussion with Robert Augustus Masters, he breaks it down to the practical level for us. Robert talks about several practices we can do to “get in our bodies” and get in touch with our true power.

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About Robert Augustus Masters

g-robert-augustus-masters-SMMy passion is to fuel, illuminate, and support the living of a deeper life, a life of love, integrity, and fully alive awakening. Providing environments (both inner and outer) in which deep healing and transformation can take place is my vocation and privilege.

Having just reached my 60th birthday, I notice that I am finding freedom more through intimacy — intimacy not only with my beloved Diane, but also with all that is — than through transcendence. There is a deeply satisfying joy for me in passing on what I have learned, especially through my integral psychotherapy apprenticeship programs and the couples intensives that I do with Diane.

Since 1977 I’ve worked as a psychotherapist (I have a Ph.D. in Psychology), group leader, bodyworker, and teacher of spiritual deepening practices, integrating the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual in my practice. Most weekends these days I’m leading groups or trainings.

Evolving in fitting parallel with this has been my writing, which is as much a passion for me as facilitating deep groupwork. I’ve authored eight books, including Divine Dynamite, Darkness Shining Wild, and, most recently, Transformation Through Intimacy. My essays have appeared in magazines ranging from Magical Blend to the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, as well as in several anthologies. And running rampant through all my writing is my poetry, keeping my prose on its toes.

Click here to learn more about The Anatomy and Evolution of Anger by Robert Augustus Masters.