When does a boy become a man?

In more tribal times, the transition to adulthood for men was very clear. It was accompanied by support and ceremony and left no question in the minds of the boys or the tribe about status or responsibility.

Our modern social structure seems to have abandoned this support structure for transition, something we are learning is so essential for young men.

Threshold Passages is one organization that is changing that. Threshold Passages brings together young men on the path to adulthood, with willing mentors dedicated to helping these young men on their way. Together, these men and boys at varying stages of life, share wisdom, energy and support in the form of Adventure weekends and weekly group meetings.

This week we talk with Ed Lippolis, a program “mentor” at 39 years old and Patrick Hillman, a program “journeyman” at 16 years old. We get the perspective on both sides of this unique group mentoring program and hear about how important this program is in each of their lives.

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