Ever notice how some guys just seem to be magnets for women?

Ever wish you could be that guy, effortlessly attracting amazing women into your life?

We sure do, and there may be help for us yet.

This week we’re in the studio with Bryan Bayer, co-founder of the Authentic Man Program. Bryan gives us the story of how the AMP program came into existence out of his own pain and struggle to find real connection with women.

At one point, Bryan spent months asking himself, “What would I do if no woman ever found me attractive again?” From this deep inquiry, he discovered a whole new sense of integration and used it as a tool to fuel his own personal growth.

He also had help from amazing women in his life that were willing to explore the depths of his being with him and give him feedback on what they were experiencing. AMP was developed with Bryan as his own guinea pig.

The AMP facilitators work with all types of men, helping them to integrate more of “themselves” and get rid of that sense of “neediness” that keeps women at a distance.

Listen as Bryan gives us a sense of where we can go in our interactions with women and how the AMP program is a great resource to help us get there.


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About Bryan Bayer, Personal coach and co-founder of AuthenticSF

g-bryan-bayer-SMBryan Bayer, CEO of AuthenticSF™ and the Authentic Man Program™, has facilitated workshops and coached hundreds of people to success in the areas of communications, business and relationship. Drawing from an extensive study of integral theory, developmental psychology and man/woman dynamics, Bryan has a background in the Destination Method, certified by Robert McDonald, one of the early pioneers and leaders in the science of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). He has written dozens of articles on man/woman dynamics and personal development, and in addition to his coaching practice, Bryan is a course leader for the Arete Center for Excellence, the Authentic Man Program, and supervises the production of other courses.

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