Does the true spiritual journey require a life of monastic celibacy?

Does having a family mean we can’t pursue the deepest of truths?

When Guy Sengstock fell in love with his wife, he was putting himself through art school by working as a personal trainer and a stripper, while on a spiritual path of meditation and eastern philosophy.

Not exactly the picture of the typical family man.

He was also developing Arete workshops, dedicated to helping people grow and find deeper, more authentic versions of themselves.

So how does a wife and kids fit in with meditation and personal development?

Listen as Guy shares with us how he balances family life with spiritual life, and how he has found a way to balance it all.

About Guy Sengstock, Coach and creator of

g-guy-sengstock-SMGuy Sengstock is the co-founder of the Arete Center for Excellence, an organization that offers accelerated personal growth courses. Guy is also a personal development coach, writer, poet, sculptor, and painter. The Arete Experience is a 3-day workshop offered in San Francisco that provides a remarkable opportunity to discover the unconscious ways in which you hold yourself back. Experience immense and lasting freedom to be yourself in all areas of your life!