Why didn’t Jesus or the Buddha have a family?

Does becoming a father mean your spiritual life is over?

This week we continue our conversation with Guy Sengstock about integrating spiritual development and a healthy family life.  In this candid and open conversation, Guy gives us an inside look at where he finds the balance point of these two seemingly opposite pursuits in life.

Listen to the conclusion of our dialogue with Guy as he shares with us the challenges and benefits of practicing parenting and personal development.

About Guy Sengstock, Coach and creator of AreteCenter.com

g-guy-sengstock-SMGuy Sengstock is the co-founder of the Arete Center for Excellence, an organization that offers accelerated personal growth courses. Guy is also a personal development coach, writer, poet, sculptor, and painter. The Arete Experience is a 3-day workshop offered in San Francisco that provides a remarkable opportunity to discover the unconscious ways in which you hold yourself back. Experience immense and lasting freedom to be yourself in all areas of your life!