Will The New Man Podcast solve all your problems and make you rich and famous?

Maybe not, but judging from the feedback we’re getting, it can seriously help.

The New Man Podcast just turned one. Over the course of our first year, we’ve interviewed dozens of teachers, leaders and successful men and women across all aspects of life about sex, parenting, professional life, and more.

Listen as Tripp and Casey look back over the first year of The New Man and reflect on what they personally learned and where the show is headed in the year to come.

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In our exploration of what a New Man might look like, we have uncovered key insights, patterns, and habits of highly effective men (and women) in the most important areas of our lives from career, to purpose, to sex and relationship and everything in between.

We love hearing from you about how the insights shared in these interviews are impacting your life.  That’s why we have created a new way to enjoy and share The New Man Podcast. Tripp and Casey handpicked the best of the best from this year and created a 6-disc CD set, a greatest hits of the first season and the perfect gift for the men in your life.

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