Do you have a feeling something needs to change in your life?

Are you not exactly sure what it is?

This week we’re talking with Decker Cunov, men’s coach, Authentic Man Program leader and President of Authentic World about taking the first steps to getting more connected.

Decker points us to a world in which we get in touch with what is really going on in our bodies, with our emotions, and in turn, what is really happening in all of our relationships.

Join us as we talk with Decker Cunov about really feeling, and what it means to “trust your gut.”

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About Decker Cunov, Cofounder, Authentic World

g-decker-cunov-SMDecker Cunov is the President and Founder of AuthenticWorld. Known internationally for inspiring people towards more fulfilling relationships, his unique approach to transformation is identical to the way he has created profound intimacy in his own life and in his own communities.

His experience ranges from co-founding a counseling center for homeless yosuth, to implementing intrinsic motivation theory to various military trainings, to residence in Buddhist monastaries over the years.

If you’re new to Decker’s work, rest assured he has spent the past 13 years working successfully with everyone from soldiers to teenagers, from the clinically dysfunctional to doctors & lawyers, from a mechanic in Wisconsin to top level executives across the country, helping them reach unprecedented levels of success in an organic and profound way.

Click here to learn more about The Authentic Man Program.