In this episode, the tables are turned and New Man host, Tripp Lanier is the one being interviewed. He recently stepped into a deeper level of practice, and guest interviewer Ray Brejcha prods and pokes to find out what is going on.

Tripp talks about his recent experiences, including The Mankind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure as well as a 7-day Hollow Bones Zen Meditation retreat.

The discussion touches on life transitions, stepping into the unknown, and honoring your potential as a man. It also focuses on the deeper issues that lead to living a satisfied life when so much of our inner wiring is saying “not enough”.

In this episode:

  • Why Tripp hosts the show
  • Life Transition
  • Letting go of identities
  • Living with a boat anchor tied to the leg
  • Five years of darkness
  • Honoring your potential
  • Stepping into uncertainty
  • How to trust uncertainty
  • Walking out on to an icy lake
  • Feeling challenged by life and loving it
  • Following the feeling of being alive
  • Mankind Project New Warrior Training
  • Hollow Bones Zen Retreat
  • Resistance to mythopoetic men’s work
  • Iron John by Robert Bly
  • Jun Po Roshi
  • Goenka Vipassana
  • Part of me may die
  • Noticing where you’re guarded
  • Being less open
  • Being defensive
  • Boundaries vs Resistance or a Wall
  • Not being able to receive compliments or gratitude“Don’t beat your own drum”Missing out on receiving love and appreciation
  • Hitting the wall
  • Fear of never being satisfied
  • Not enough — No matter what I do it won’t be enough
  • Not able to celebrate success
  • Wanting to feel more secure in the face of the unknown
  • Meditation — the part of you that can’t be taken away or destroyed
  • Cultivating a sense within that is secure
  • Will I still be ok? Confronting the hard realities of life and still being ok
  • The TaoSamadhiSoul exfoliation — peeling off layers
  • Getting cooked
  • Sitting in resistance