We rejoin the discussion with Tripp Lanier as he shares a powerful story about an exchange with Zen Master Jun Po Roshi.

Ray Brejcha and Tripp talk about the dangers of becoming a “wound worshipper”, how your wariness makes others wary of you and how your secrets ultimately own you.

Also, listen as the benefits of getting real with your fears and the transformation of sharing them with others is revealed.

In this episode:

  • The gift of being smacked with a stick
  • A valuable lesson from Jun Po
  • Living a paradox
  • “You can’t fuck it up and you can’t get it right”
  • Working so hard to get it right and not screw it up
  • Play full out and have fun with the screw ups
  • Sacred Laughter
  • Learning to recognize when you feel less whole
  • What gets in the way of your potential
  • Shadow work mixed with meditation
  • Waiting to open up until you trust someone
  • Wariness begets wariness
  • Trying to protect yourself actually pushes people away
  • Being less approachable, intimidating
  • Pushing away people that actually want to help
  • Becoming a retreat, seminar or workshop junkie
  • How to melt shame
  • Terminal uniqueness Making things less significant without being dismissive
  • Don’t be a wound worshipper
  • Your secrets kill you — get them “out there”It’s not that bad when you put it out there
  • Having your friends help you see what is driving you
  • What are you scared of?
  • What are you defending yourself against?
  • Notice what you’re avoiding. Can you be playful with that?
  • Tell someone what you’re scared of
  • Being more trustworthy
  • The energy drain of “keeping it all together”
  • Where the juice, depth and meaning in life is for you