Are you one of those guys who confuses homosexuality with pedophilia?

How are gay men similar to straight men?

And what can you learn from a gay man about improving the sex in your monogamous relationship?

This week King Mott joins us on The New Man. He’s an Associate Professor of Political Science and Gender Studies at Seton Hall University and recently went head to head with the Roman Church over their scapegoating of homosexuals in the pedophilia cases that plagued the institution. King also discusses what it’s like to be a gay man in America, how gays (generally) see the world much differently than straight men, what it’s like to be a gay man doing men’s work and how gay men are way ahead in the realm of having sexually satisfying monogamous relationships.

In this episode:

  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Pedophilia
  • Homosexuality
  • Equating pedophiles and homosexuals
  • Homosexuality within the Roman Church
  • Bigotry
  • The New York Times Standing up to the Roman Church
  • Prejudice against homosexual, lesbian community
  • Perpetuating Homophobia
  • Pedophilia has nothing to do with sexual orientation
  • Seton Hall and it’s administration
  • The importance of controversial ideas
  • Roman church aiding pedophiles
  • Scapegoating gay men
  • The straight while male establishment
  • Ideas are changing towards LGBT
  • Homophobia is another form of misogyny
  • White straight men are not at fault
  • Living in a patriarchal societyFear of anything different
  • The importance of personal experience
  • Irony of sex in American cultureMixed messages in our culture with regards to sex
  • Sex is private
  • Trying to legislate sexual morality
  • Being a “fag” in the locker roomYounger generations are more tolerant
  • Most of us know someone who is gayMost gay men are not safe in parts of this country
  • How are gay and straight men similar?
  • Essentialism
  • Gay people see the world differently
  • Gay ghettos — Chelsea, the Castro — crime rates are low
  • The danger of stereotyping
  • Straight alpha males
  • How gays interact – power differentials
  • Gays and women being outside of the power differential
  • Gays and men’s work
  • The Mankind Project
  • Straight men and same sex experiences
  • Shame
  • Being in one’s power
  • Seeking truth in a safe way
  • Father issues
  • Waiting to see if it’s safe to come out of the closet
  • Gays as social chameleons
  • Trust is built and earned
  • What gay men and straight men can teach each other
  • Straight men and the struggle with monogamy
  • Gay men and emotional monogamy vs sexual monogamy
  • You don’t have to expect “everything” out of just one person
  • What happens after prince charming meets his princess?
  • The trap of “finding the one”
  • Marriages that are emotionally and sexually dead
  • Talk with your wife that you’re feeling stuck in the marriage
  • She may be feeling stuck, too
  • Divorces, satisfying marriages
  • CLAG — Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies

About King Mott, Associate Professor of Political Science and Gender Studies at Seton Hall University

g-king-mott-2230-SMKing Mott is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Gender Studies at Seton Hall University. He also has over 15 years of experience with The Mankind Project, and has been outspoken against the Roman Church with regards to the deliberately wrongful association of pedophilia with homosexuality.