Is your job a place to just make money or is it something you deeply love?

Do you ever find yourself at work wondering, “What in the hell am I doing?”

And — be honest — why are you living the life you’re living? Is it a reflection of what you deeply desire or has it just happened?

This week Guy Sengstock returns to The New Man Podcast to talk about how to find your purpose in life.

Guy Sengstock (coach, Arete Creator and Co-Owner of Authentic SF) joins us to talk about how to find your purpose or mission in life. Guy’s purpose (and career) is basically to help others find their purpose; so who better to have in the hot seat?

We discuss how men get caught up in the WHAT of their lives — the emails, the to do list, the accomplishments. And yet we have a deeper connection to WHY we do them. This leaves us feeling drained and burdened instead of alive and energized.

Join us as we fumble f–k our way through an exploration of this critical process in a man’s life.

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In this episode:

  • The Circling Process
  • Purpose
  • Finding your mission
  • Helping others find their purpose
  • Trying to find your purpose kinda screws it up
  • The danger of not listening to yourself
  • Living under the ultimate male-illusion
  • “If you work hard enough one day it’ll be over”
  • David Deida
  • Striving to feel release, bliss
  • Finding the answer means finding freedom
  • Men are lost in the content of our lives
  • To Do Lists, Jobs, Details, the Grindstone
  • Getting lost in emails
  • How do you feel after your work?
  • Purpose equals context
  • Purpose is why you’re doing what you’re do
  • Purpose is not the accomplishment
  • Year Long Coaching Program
  • When work becomes a burden
  • The difference between work and living your purpose
  • Why are you doing what you do?
  • What do you really want?
  • What is my desire?
  • Separating your voice from the voices of others
  • Parents, Friends, Society
  • Having the balls to ask these questions
  • You always have a “why” for the things in life
  • Is it your “why”?
  • Your current life supports you to stay where you are
  • Feeling drained or burdened indicates you’re not living your purpose
  • Start to get honest with yourself
  • Be willing to admit that you don’t know what is driving you
  • What gives your actions meaning?
  • Start with what is your purpose right now?
  • Are you living someone else’s life?
  • Doing what your told?
  • Defying what your told?
  • Everything I do is something I’ve consciously do from the heart
  • Discovering your prison cell is elating
  • You’re not locked in your prison cell
  • The beginning of choice
  • You can only make choices for things that you’re aware of
  • There’s more possible
  • Continuously waking up
  • Not a utopia
  • Is your “why” a chosen why?

About Guy Sengstock, Coach and creator of

g-guy-sengstock-SMGuy Sengstock is the co-founder of the Arete Center for Excellence, an organization that offers accelerated personal growth courses. Guy is also a personal development coach, writer, poet, sculptor, and painter. The Arete Experience is a 3-day workshop offered in San Francisco that provides a remarkable opportunity to discover the unconscious ways in which you hold yourself back. Experience immense and lasting freedom to be yourself in all areas of your life!

Click here for more information on Guy’s year long transformational coaching training.

Or contact Guy Sengstock at (415) 290-8385 or [email protected]