Do you feel stuck in a job but don’t think you could possibly survive as a your own boss?

Are you thinking, “If I follow my passion the money will just come!”

And is it really possible to connect your life purpose to the way you earn a living?

This week, Clay Collins is on the show to talk about how YOU can live your mission AND pay the bills.

So many guys make the sickening choice between following what they truly love and sticking with a job just to pay the bills. It’s a tragic “either/or” scenario. Clay Collins has made it his mission to teach men how to build their own business online so that they can care for their families and live a life in alignment with their deeper purpose.

Clay brings up a strong point that in our today’s culture where men lack a valid initiation into manhood, owning your own business will serve that purpose. We’ll also talk about the myth of “If I follow my passion the money will just come”, the danger of Job-ification and what you can do today to bring your life into alignment without having to live on the street.

Check out Clay Collins and Project Mojave here.

In this episode:

  • The Mission of Project
  • Quit your job, escape cubicle hell
  • Living into your full potential
  • Hoping a job will provide a sense of meaning/purpose
  • Hoping more education will provide meaning/purpose
  • There is no job that will “do it all” for you
  • Feeling like a f**k up
  • Stumbling in the workforce
  • Feeding your family while following your purpose
  • Guys are hesitant to take financial risks when they have a family
  • Do you follow your vision or do you feed your family?
  • Internet Marketing and Inner Game
  • What is a Freedom Business?
  • Helping people earn a living on the internet within three months
  • To free up time for personal growth, family, etc.
  • Freedom Business is a stepping stone to your Mission Business
  • Designed to work quickly and without much startup money
  • Information Products
  • We want a guarantee of success
  • We want the nuts and bolts of what to do
  • Testing your business idea
  • The Myth of: Do what you love and the money will follow
  • Being driven by opportunity
  • The need for a purpose in what you do
  • Being driven by what you love
  • How your Freedom Business serves your Mission
  • What is Job-ification?
  • How to keep from hating what you do
  • Lack of itinitation rites for men in our culture and becoming a man through business
  • Running a business will make you grow up
  • Mission Mindmap, Statement and Journal
  • Working on yourself is working on your business
  • “What is my purpose in life?”
  • “What do I need to do today so I can fall asleep tonight in peace knowing I have given everything?”

Check out Clay Collins and Project Mojave here.

About Clay Collins, Creator of Project Mojave

g-clay-collins-2278-SMFrom Clay’s website:

I am a fulltime internet marketer from Minneapolis who does business in three niches.

I aim to live my life in a way that is fundamentally oriented towards maximum contribution and making the world a better place.

I strive to live in a manner that renders this statement true: everything I do is oriented towards helping people generously feed their families while following their deepest purposes.

I have a vision for a world where every person can be their own boss and secure – at the very minimum – an $80K+ income while working from home. I have a vision for a world where people do not have to choose between being their own masters and feeding their families. And I pursue this vision because I believe entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful enablers of self-improvement.

Check out Clay Collins and Project Mojave here.