What is the difference between pleasure and enjoyment?

What habit is the quickest ticket to a depressing life?

And how can you become an optimist without being full of shit?

This is part two of our talk on positive psychology with Philosophers Notes creator, Brian Johnson. Join us as we lay out the fundamentals to having a fulfilling life.

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In this episode:

  • What drains you?
  • What depletes you?
  • What’s the difference between pleasure and enjoyment?
  • Bill Harris, “Thresholds of the Mind” & Holosync
  • What are the fundamentals to living a satisfying life?
  • Why is a gratitude journal huge?
  • Quit your bitching!
  • Are you proactive or do you play the victim?
  • What is the quickest ticket to depression?
  • What is a practical optimist?
  • How does a pessimist view the world?
  • How to be more optimistic?
  • Philosphers Notes

About Brian Johnson, Philosopher, Entrepreneur, Creator of Philosopher Notes

bjohnsonFrom Brian’s Facebook Profile:

I’ve always been passionate about understanding what makes great people great and applying the truths they embodied to make my little dent in the universe.

After selling my last business (Zaadz) and traveling for a bit, I decided to give myself a Ph.D. in Optimal Living with a Specialization in Greatness and Bliss.

Figured I’d get a Master’s when I’d distilled 100 of my favorite books into concise, fun, inspiring summaries. Then, on a flight from Tokyo to LA, I had one of those “Aha!/hallelujah!!” moments when I opened the SkyMall to an ad for a company that summarized business books for “busy executives.” I decided someone should do summaries of self-development books for the “busy self-actualizer” and that that someone should be me. ☺

Enter: PhilosophersNotes. (Imagine CliffsNotes. Only shorter. And cooler. And a *lot* more inspiring. ☺)

I’m currently on sabbatical in Bali working my way through two suitcases of books while I re-wire my consciousness, create the first 100 PhilosophersNotes and teach a Philosophy class at the local yoga studio.

Pinch me. I hart my job.

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