Do you ever wonder why you struggle with things that seem so easy for other guys?

Is there a way to clear your body of crappy feelings?

And why does “ramping up” to attack your challenges actually make you weaker?

This week we’re in for a Jedi lesson with “Everything is Energy” host, David Morelli. Listen as he lays out the tools to help you move through any road block.

In this episode:

  • Powerful practices you can use today to clear crappy feelings and find your true power
  • Tools to get out of any jam or stuck place
  • How to tap into “The Force”, your unique male power
  • How 90% of your life is unconscious — and it’s running your life
  • Why willpower and striving make you weak
  • Where real male power comes from
  • More about David Morelli and “Everything is Energy”

About David Morelli

David Morelli is a transformational healer, teacher and intuitive. If there were a Ph.D. for the ability to see, read and heal energy, David would have one. An expert in personal transformation, he shares wisdom and laughter with thousands.

About Everything is Energy

Everything is Energy is everything you have been searching for to live a life of fulfillment, ease and FUN! Your hosts, Kristin and David Morelli, are dedicated to shining the light of truth into your life as they teach you to change your energy and change your life. They will show you how to tap into the renewable sources of energy for your heart, mind, body and soul with love and laughter.

Guests on the show are experts and share profound insights that you can use to transform every area of your life – from wealth to your health, food to your mood, metaphysics to quantum physics, all expanding on one truth…EVERYTHING…IS…ENERGY!!

(Artwork is “Oversoul” by Alex Grey)