Sarah Ingier — How to Live a Great Life When Life is Kicking Your Butt

Do you feel like you’re climbing a mountain, and the damn thing is just getting steeper and more treacherous?

Does trying to make more money or create a life you really want feel like swimming against an invisible current?

And is it possible to live a great life when it is kicking your butt?

This week, we’re going deep, Jedi. Listen in as Sarah Ingier and I lay out some simple steps to help YOU quit beating your head against the wall and create what you really want.

In this episode:

  • Weathering the storm
  • How to quit beating your head against the wall
  • Why the game is changing
  • The old way of creating doesn’t fit anymore
  • Living your purpose or calling
  • Polarity and how it affects your ability to create what you want
  • Why the guys who are lost and won’t ask for help are f’in idiots
  • How having more fun is going to help you create the life you really want easier and faster
  • One day event with Tripp and Sarah in Boulder on June 19th

About Sarah Ingier

A pioneer here to help humanity step into a more Soulful existence, Sarah is a highly impactful teacher and healer. She is a guide into the unknown parts of ourselves. Sarah’s progressive views on life, spirituality, and healing make her work extremely transformative.

Sarah has a beautiful blend of youthful innocence and piercing wisdom. Her highly developed clairvoyant and healing abilities help her to serve a wide range of people. From the most diligent spiritual seeker to the corporate executive, Sarah is a translator of information and a channel for healing.

Sarah travels around the world giving workshops and retreats, helping people to connect to more of who they are. When she is not traveling she has a private practice in Austin Texas, where she offers Clairvoyant readings and healings.

Sarah founded Presence Inc., a spiritually based business dedicated to help individuals, the planet, and culture step into a new era of greater alignment, greater peace, and greater healing. She is a core faculty member for the Kaiser institute, an organization committed to expanding consciousness within organizations and healthcare systems.

Click here to visit Sarah Ingier’s website.

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