You’ve heard Brian Johnson on The New Man.

He’s easily one of the most popular guests we’ve had.

And if you’ve heard Brian speak then you know he’s rocking it big time. The guy is a freakin’ optimal living machine.

Good for him. So what?

Well, now he’s got a killer new course for helping you optimize YOUR life.

Top 3 Reasons Why Brian Johnson’s Optimal Living 101 is Badass:

1.     He’s read more books than you’ve even seen.

2.     He’s taken all of the big ideas, the “universal truths” and boiled them into a simple sequence of lessons you really need to know.

3.     He’s filtering out the stuff you DON’T need to know. (This is saving you about 33.5 years of reading. Trust me.) 🙂

In other words: He’s saving your ass a TON of time, money and frustration.

Now he’s offering these Big 10 Ideas in his new Optimal Living 101 course.

But it’s not just reading PDF files or listening to a podcast. Nope. If you sign up, you get to interact with him LIVE. If you sign up for the course, you get to ask him questions DIRECTLY.

How freakin’ rad is that?

Brian is blowing up. Do you think you’ll ever get this kind of access to him again? Hell no!

>> Click here to check out his killer video where he lays out the 10 Biggest Ideas.



PS Again, CLICK HERE to watch this great video of Brian explaining his 10 Big Ideas.

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