The New Man just reached the 100th episode milestone (thunderous applause).

So what are the really big takeaways?

What have we learned after 100 groundbreaking shows?

I’ll get to that in a moment…

Many — and I’m mean many — of you have filled out the [intlink id=”1455″ type=”page”]simple survey available on this site[/intlink]. I’ve read each one. I’ve poured through them. And I noticed that by an overwhelming majority that the main concerns many of you have are:

(1) Finding your PASSION: What are the specific activities you were put on this Earth to do? What lights you up? What makes you feel alive?


(2) Living Your PURPOSE: Life is short. What’s it all about? What will give your life direction and meaning?

Sure, a lot of us spend our day sweating about getting laid or getting paid. No doubt. But you’re a New Man listener. If you were satisfied with the offerings of typical men’s media you wouldn’t be reading this now would you? 🙂

Bottom line — beyond getting laid and getting paid, most of us are wanting to find our passion and live our purpose.

Enter THE NEW MANual

So I created something to meet this overwhelming need head on. It’s super simple. Super accessible. THE NEW MANual boils down the most potent content from The New Man along with my years of coaching experience into a process that will help you find your passion and live your purpose. ABC’s. 123’s. Nuts and bolts.

THE NEW MANual is a 5 step process laid out in a series of videos. It includes a PDF Cheatsheet that will provide you with access to relevant podcasts and resources so you can take your exploration even further.

THE NEW MANual will save you a ton of time, energy and money while helping you go for what you really want in life.

Take a Sneak Peak

Below is a box where you can enter your email address to watch a sneak peak, the “blueprint” for THE NEW MANual for free. It’s called “The 5 Keys to Finding Your Passion and Living Your Purpose” and it’ll explain what I’m talking about even further.

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