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For years, I’ve resisted answering a question I get asked all of the time:

“What is The New Man?”

I’ve always wanted you, the listener/the reader to gather the information on your own. I wanted you to figure it out for yourself. That — to me — was what The New Man would do.

But I’ve realized that’s kinda bullshit, too. I’m robbing you and myself of an opportunity to take a positive step in our lives.

So let me ask you this…

Which Man Do You Want to Be?

The Other Guy: I feel lost and I can’t stand this nagging voice saying I’m not doing enough about it.

The New Man: I have direction. And if I lose my way, it’s not the end of the world. I’ll course correct.

The Other Guy: I don’t think I really like who I’ve become. I want to distract myself from the one person I spend all of my time with — ME.

The New Man: It’s fun being me. I have fun engaging others. The world is a playground and I’m here to have a blast and contribute something cool along the way.

The Other Guy: I’m exhausted from trying to emulate other “successful” guys. I wish someone would just tell me what to say and do.

The New Man: I know what I stand for. It’s in my bones. I’m exploring and expressing who I really am.

The Other Guy: I’m paralyzed when making decisions. There’s too many things to consider. I can’t commit.

The New Man: My decisions reflect what is most important in my life. My actions are in alignment with my values. It’s clear what to do. I do what needs to be done.

The Other Guy: I feel like a f*ck up. I don’t want to make a move because I may make another mistake.

The New Man: I’m resilient. Deep down I know that no matter what happens, I’ll recover and learn from it. I may eventually laugh at it, too.

The Other Guy: I have friends but I’m really alone. Those around me don’t hold me up to be the best I can be.

The New Man: I enjoy the support and challenge of others. If I need anything, I know I can count on my friends for help.

The Other Guy: I’m tired of trying to figure it all out on my own. I’m tired of starting so many things and never following through.

The New Man: I invest in myself, in my success. I find the resources, direction and accountability I need to persevere. I’m worth it.

The Other Guy: I play it safe. I play small. I hold back who I really am. I’m waiting for things to be different before I really step it up.

The New Man: I’m grounded, centered and I’m playing full out. This is the only life I’ve got. I may be dead tomorrow.

So, Do You Want to Be The New Man?

I do. For years I toiled in a lost place — in fact, I still stumble in there from time to time.

I spent so much time, energy and money trying to “figure out” how to get out of this rut. I knew I could be a better version of myself. I knew there was a New Man that wanted to shine through.

But how?

I’ll Tell You Tonight

Tonight I’m going to tell you:

  • — How I felt lost, disgusted and pathetic
  • — How I felt stuck on the fence, unable to commit
  • — How I was holding back, waiting to go for what I really wanted
  • — How I was tolerating so much drama and BS in my relationships

Tonight I’m also going to tell you how I:

  • — Found my sense of direction
  • — Oriented my life around what I love to do
  • — Became more resilient to life’s challenges
  • — Invested in myself and finally followed through

Am I perfect. Oh, hell no. Just ask my wife. 🙂

Life still challenges me. Big time. But now I have more tools. I have solid habits to fall back on.

In other words, I’m able to tap into a deeper part of myself and say, “What would The New Man IN ME do right now?”

How Can You Become The New Man?

Great question, and I’ll answer this tonight on a f*ree conference call with my buddy Ray Brejcha.

I can’t wait to share this stuff with you.

Here’s What to Do

Get. On. This. Call. Tonight.

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  • * Call 712-432-0075
  • * Enter this access code: 667949

I look forward to sharing my story and how it will help you tonight.