It happens in a flash, a moment of inspiration. The pulse quickens. Brain chemistry goes berserk.

“YES! I’m going to DO this!”


You don’t. Days, weeks, months, years go by. No follow through. Nothing changes.

And now a new monster bred from the loins of guilt and frustration has emerged. The Nagging Asshole Critic is born, and he won’t shut the F up.

“You’re not DOING enough! You should be DOING something different with your time, energy, money — your life!”

This Nagging Asshole Critic snuggles up in your bed and steals your pillow. This Nagging Asshole Critic undermines your creativity and confidence with his relentless, fear-based cheerleading.

You want to destroy The Nagging Asshole Critic but you can’t because…

He’s right.

But if he’s right, then why isn’t he HELPING you follow through? If he cares so much about you DOING something then why are you not?

That’s because following through requires you to tap into an energy source bigger than This Nagging Asshole Critic. I’m talking about tapping into that tank of jet-fuel already inside of you. I’m talking about PASSION.

But like any fuel, PASSION alone won’t get the job done. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the second component you’ll need to get out of whatever rut you’re in.

More tomorrow, Tripp

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