There’s a monster lurking within these two scenarios. Can you spot it?

Scenario 1:

A family man with a full-time career has a dream of being a stand up comedian. This dream is dying a slow painful death in the basement of his soul.

One day he shares this dream with his wife. To his surprise they discuss ways that he can make it work without burdening his family.

Within a few weeks he is practicing and performing comedy regularly. His wife even helps him network and get gigs.

The result? This man feels more energized and optimistic. He’s lit up by his life.

BTW, this actually happened with a client of mine.

Scenario 2:

A man living in the Pacific Northwest has spent the year working in Austin, Texas. He falls in love with the place, but in order to keep his job, he feels trapped into moving back. He sulks and worries and stresses over the impending move.

One day he asks his superiors about the possibility of making the transfer to Austin permanent. Their response? Yes! He has their blessing to stay. As a result, this man doesn’t feel stuck. He’s empowered.

This, too, actually happened.

Did You Catch The Monster?

In both cases these men were ASSUMING that going for what they really wanted would “rock the boat” in some way — which is putting it rather lightly.

The assumption was the big, bad scary monster holding these guys back.

But in reality, the opposite was true. Those around them were excited to help them get what they truly wanted. Those around them were glad to step up and help the brother out.

Crazy, huh? (BTW, I see this a lot.)

Now Here’s the REALLY Scary Part

Many of us won’t even allow ourselves to *own* what we want because we’re so fearful of the assumed consequences. Many of us are deflated because we’ve cut ourselves off from what we really want in our lives.

Here Are Two Questions for You:

(1) What one thing are you afraid to even admit that you want?
(2) What terrible scenario are you assuming will happen if you let the world know what you want?

Now — I wonder — is that *really* true? Is it?

If you want to clarify what you really want in this life…

If you want to dethrone the “assumption monster”…

If you want to get out of this rut and pursue what you love…

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