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With so much uncertainty in the air, I wanted to give you the “Top 5 Best Blah, Blah, Blah!” you could use to make 2011 the best year yet.

And the reality is, I don’t know what that is.

In fact, I don’t really know anyone who does.

In my circle of friends — which includes a few so-called personal development experts — most everyone is struggling. They may be here to help folks like you, but behind the scenes there’s a lot of uncertainty in their lives (either personal or professional). It’s a dirty little secret.

Well, I’m one of the ones facing a lot of uncertainty.

Within my head there are two voices. One that says (rather excitedly), “I need to DO something!”

The other says, “But I don’t know WHAT to do!” Anxiety flourishes. Wheels spin. There’s very little movement. The needle on the gas tank approaches empty. And yet, the process is repeated. Seems insane, no?

I watched big wave surfer Laird Hamilton in an interview recently. He was asked how he dealt with the horrifying experience of wiping out on a 70 foot wave.

His response? “I relax.”

RELAX? But you need to DO something! You’re being driven to the bottom! You need to fight! You need to get to the surface! You are going to DROWN!

None of that. He simply said, “I relax.” Struggling just wastes resources. Fighting all of that turmoil just robs him of the precious energy he needs to survive.

Instead, he trusts his preparation. He trusts that the wave’s grip on him will pass. He trusts that he’ll soon be able to swim to the surface. He trusts his buddy will be above ready to whisk him away on a jet ski.

Bottom line: He trusts that he’ll be okay. And so in that maelstrom of uncertainty, he doesn’t fight it. He relaxes into it.

This really resonates with me so here’s what I’m doing in the face of uncertainty:

  1. Preparing: I’m sticking with the fundamental practices that strengthen and invigorate me. I’m clarifying what I want.
  2. Relaxing: Notice I didn’t say “checking out” — there’s a big difference. I’m staying engaged without depleting myself.
  3. Trusting: This one’s a big challenge, but I’m reminding myself that if I fall, I will get back up — eventually. It’s probably not as bad as I imagine.

In the meantime, tell me about you. How are you dealing with uncertainty these days? Leave your comments below.