WARNING: I’m about to go off.

I’m sick of “rules” for being “like a real man”. Blech.

I get it. We’re all wanting the “sure thing”. We want to walk the “right path.” And deep down some of us just want someone else to tell us what to do.


So we don’t screw it up. So we don’t look stupid. So we don’t get rejected. So we don’t lose money or — possibly worse — face. Bottom line: So we don’t experience pain.

But rules — whether from some seduction guru or a men’s magazine — keep you from thinking for yourself.

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Rules are for guys who don’t have the brains, heart and balls to think or feel for themselves.

Rules cloud your creativity. Rules keep you on autopilot. Rules keep you from BEING yourself.

You think Clint Eastwood drops a deuce in the morning pouring over Esquire Magazine’s latest list of rules? (Correct answer: Hell no)

Consider any man or woman you deeply admire. Are they completely screwed if their copy of “The Rules” gets left on the plane? (Again, no)

They think and feel for themselves and respond accordingly. They even screw up from time to time. (The horror!)

Rules are for the followers

And it’s time for you to lead. I’m talking about LEADING YOUR LIFE.

Who’s at the wheel of your life? Is it your brain, heart and balls or a list of rules?

Is it your desire, passion and deepest values or your fear of rejection and loss?

If you’re following the rules, I’m challenging you to take responsibility. Take the lead in your life. It starts with getting clear about what you want, where you want to go and what you want to do in the very little amount of time you have on this rock.

We need you to lead your life. We don’t need you to follow the rules.

You still want a rule? Here’s one: Think and feel for yourself and respond accordingly.

Remember to have fun,


Do something about it

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