Sounds strange, but sometimes it’s hard to tell when something is good or bad for us.

Consider this — there are two types of burns in your life.

The Good Burn — You’re at the gym. You’re working out. You’re pushing your edge. It’s uncomfortable. It’s difficult. It’s challenging. You’re huffing and puffing. You’re convinced that your lung is going to fall out of your mouth. It doesn’t.

AND in some ways it feels good. Afterwards there’s a smile. A sense of satisfaction. “I did it!” Even if you’re tired there’s greater energy. The tired is a “good” tired. You sleep better after The Good Burn.

The Good Burn is about growth.

It’s burning through the stuff that’s holding you back and making way for a greater possibility. The Good Burn brings confidence. The Good Burn expands your capacity to deal with intensity.

The Bad Burn — You’re working the grill. You space out. There’s a sizzling sound — your flesh is being torched. You lose skin and perhaps worse, dinner is delayed.

You are weakened. You lose money treating the burn. You are in pain long after the initial event. You continue to drain energy tending to this burn, working to help it heal. You stress. You beat yourself up. You lose sleep from The Bad Burn.

The Bad Burn takes away from who you are. The Good Burn contributes.

So what are The Good Burns in your life? What activities, what relationships challenge you to be a happier, more fulfilled version of you?

What are The Bad Burns in your life? What activities or relationships drain you and take away from who you really are?

Get to know what qualifies as The Good Burn for you. Be willing to take the heat from time to time.

Identify The Bad Burns and swiftly eliminate whomever or whatever they are from your life.


PS If you’re not sure *how* to eliminate The Bad Burns in your life and want to orient your life around The Good Stuff then CLICK HERE to fill out a coaching questionnaire.