I love power trios.

Star Wars. Bands like Rush and The Police. Moe, Larry and Curly. The hosts of Top Gear (UK).

But this may be the most powerful power trio yet — and it’ll help if you can’t seem to gain momentum when you’re in the fog.

It’s based on Michael Gerber’s legendary business book The E-Myth. And it applies to your personal life as well.

In order to have a kickass life…

You’ve got to have the three following “mindsets”:

  • The Visionary
  • The Manager, and
  • The Technician

Lemme explain.

The Visionary wakes up everyday and asks the big questions, “Where is my life headed? What do I truly care about? With the limited time I have on this planet, what do I want to experience?”

As his name suggests, The Visionary provides the vision and values that give your life direction. He’s not concerned with limitations or details. He’s not concerned with “how” it’ll happen. He’s all about the big picture.

The good news?

You don’t have to wait for a near death experience to hear this voice.

If you’re struggling to find a sense of purpose…

Or establish what you want, then it’s time to upgrade your Visionary.

Next is the Manager.

His job is to listen to the Visionary and make a plan. He says, “Ok, Visionary. I get the big picture, now let’s make it a reality. What resources will be needed? Let’s lay out the dots to be connected.”

The Manager serves the Visionary. He’s the man with the plan. He manages resources and prioritizes effort. He focuses on the “how”.

If you chronically struggle to find time, energy or money…

to make things happen then you’ll want to upgrade your Manager.

Which brings us to the Technician. Sometimes I call this guy the Soldier. He’s there to simply take orders. He connects the dots. He’s in the trenches getting stuff done.

Now hear this — The Technician only responds to clear direction. Orders for this guy must be measurable and have a deadline. If you give this guy anything ambiguous then it doesn’t get done.

Remember, he’s not a Manager or a Visionary. So don’t give him those responsibilities.

When I meet guys who are struggling…

Most of the time it’s because their Technician is the one running their life. This is bad news.

Exhausted and confused, this guy doesn’t have a clear direction. His life isn’t based on anything meaningful. And when he looks at this steaming pile of “ugh”, he throws his hands up and waits for someone to tell him what to do.

Usually in front of the TV.

So we can’t expect to have any direction without a Visionary.

We can’t expect to get anywhere without clear orders from the Manager.

And we can’t expect to get anything done without the Technician in the trenches.

So what will you do today…

to empower your Visionary, Manager and Technician?

How will you employ these mindsets to take the lead in your life?

Let’s put this into action.

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I look forward to speaking with you.


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