#1 — Are you frustrated because you’re p*ssing away your potential?

#2 — Do you want to be fired up about your work, relationships and life?

#3 — Are you resisting the pull to follow the masses and settle for a cookie cutter existence?

If so, then I’m psyched to introduce you to…

The New Man Life Online Training

In a nutshell:

Live Q&A with Tripp Lanier — ask your question, get your answer

Pick Your Price — can’t afford full price? then pick your own

The Biggest Ideas That Matter — to avoid the traps

The Practices that Actually Work — to get you out of that rut

Years of Experience in Bite Size Chunks — because you’re low on time (or lazy)

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PS Watch a beautiful woman and I discuss balls and guts. Spoiler alert: she gets goosebumps. Click here and then “Watch the Interview”.