Everything-258x172When you have emotional or physical pain, do you seek relief or a solution?

If your life was a car are you ignoring the check engine light?

And how is this very podcast stopping you from living your passion?

Today we’re talking with Foundation Training creator Eric Goodman about your body, healing and why you’re more important than his hot shot clients like Lance Armstrong.

In this episode:

  • What is Foundation Training and why should you care?
  • The dangers of distracting yourself
  • Who is more important than Lance Armstrong
  • Dealing with physical and emotional pain
  • Treating symptoms vs solving problems
  • How to admit your weaknesses without being a wuss

Click here to learn more about Foundation by Eric Goodman.


About Eric Goodman

Everything-258x172The creator of Foundation Training. Eric developed this method while in chiropractic school to get himself out of pain. Since graduating, he has spread Foundation to thousands of people, teaching them what it means to move properly and get themselves out of pain. Eric teaches classes, gives seminars and is active in the continuous development of Foundation Training. “Foundation teaches your body how to be at its strongest. Strengthen your posterior chain and watch how your life changes.”

Click here to learn more about Foundation by Eric Goodman.