It seems I am the victim of a conspiracy to end my coaching career. It has worked. I will no longer coach. I will no longer host The New Man. I will no longer be a part of helping anyone live a fun, fulfilling and kickass life.

As difficult as this video is to watch, I embrace the message that it sends: I’m obsessed with texting pictures of male private parts and for some reason I can’t stop eating all of the time. This explains the mild to moderate constipation.

I apologize to my clients, family and fans for being a douche. Furthermore, It’s probably not really cool to drink whiskey and watch “adult entertainment” while coaching either.

I get it now. My bad. I’ll drink whiskey and watch “adult entertainment” some other time. Please forgive me.

With just the right amount of regret,
Tripp Lanier
April 1, 2012


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