She may be sensitive. She may cry more times in a month than you have in the last ten years.

Sometimes she may lose herself in her emotional world with tears or rage or deafening silence.

But let’s get something straight — she is not fragile.

Whether she chooses to or not, she’s “designed” to create and carry another human being inside of her body.

For. Nine. Months.

Can you imagine a guy like this?

She’s “designed” to have this child feed off of her. After her body has ballooned itself to accommodate the little vampire, she will squeeze the child’s head and body through the very same place where your “manhood” did it’s part in the conception.

Go ahead and compare the diameter of your “manhood” to that of a newborn’s head. I’ll wait.

Bill Cosby once likened this delightfully natural and violent process to stretching your lower lip over your head. But really, how could he know?

And we’re just getting started, folks. She’s also “designed” to then feed and nurture this child through her body via a complex system of breasts, hormones, smells, tastes, sleep-deprivation and god-knows-what for years.

Her sensitivity will allow her to anticipate the child’s needs before even the child can. This isn’t some online class she’ll take. It’s part of her “design.” It’s built in to who she is.

Indeed she is incredibly sensitive to the point that she may appear crazy.

But don’t ever — ever — think she is fragile. To treat her as such is an insult.

See this reservoir of strength within her even when she can not see it for herself. Do not forget that deep down, this woman is built to endure way more than you or I can imagine.

Have a great week,


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