Do you think if your partner just did what you wanted, your relationship would be great?

Or do you tuck your junk between your legs and say “yes dear” because you think she wants a guy who goes along with whatever she wants?

Today Mark Michael Lewis is going to show us how to go beyond the “I’m right vs You’re wrong” pissing match and into a thriving partnership that’s exciting for both of you.

In this interview:

  • Why saying “yes dear” is like saying “yes mommy”
  • Why acting like the “perfect man” makes things worse
  • Why relationships are flat, stuck or dull
  • The 3 keys to moving forward
  • Why fighting over who’s right and wrong is a waste
  • Speaking up for yourself even though she’s upset
  • How to create exciting and empowering partnerships

Check out the Creating Thriving Partnerships: Better Relationships for Smart People Step by Step Program to learn the skills discussed.

About Mark Michael Lewis

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Mark Michael Lewis  is a life and relationship coach with 20+ years of experience. Over that time, Mark has coached over 100 individuals and couples one-on-one, published 3 books, and been a consultant to over 100 businesses and entrepreneurs.

Mark’s books included RelationDancing: Consciously Creating What You Really Want In Your Relating, The Key Is In The Darkness: Unlocking The Door To A Spiritual Life, and Problems Are The Solution: Embracing Conflict As The Gateway To Love.

Mark says his mission is to help people realize what they really want and create it in their daily lives.

His has just finished his latest product Creating Thriving Partnerships: Better Relationships for Smart People which integrates his 20 years of experience into a 12-week,c step-by-step program to create love, intimacy, teamwork and fun in your life.

Click here to check out the Creating Thriving Partnerships: Better Relationships for Smart People step by step program to learn the skills discussed.