“Maybe this woman will be ‘the one.’”

“Maybe that job will be my calling.”

“Maybe this book (or podcast) is going to give me the answer I need.”

“Maybe this diet is the one that will keep me skinny.”

We really want this next step to be The Last Step.

We want to arrive. We want to reach our destination. We want to be done with this painful, tedious, fking struggle.

But the next step will only lead you to the next step after that. The only last step is the final step into death. That’s it. Death is really the only destination we can count on. Before that we’re simply taking steps.

Right now, we can only see the next step. It is usually much closer than we imagine. If the next step seems excruciatingly complex then it’s not really the next step. Look closer. It’s probably the scary step right in front of you.

We can only imagine the step after the next step. But it won’t truly be revealed until we take the step right in front of us.

We may resist the next step because we’re looking for the finish. We may resist the next step because we can’t see how it’s going to take us where we want to go.

We want predictability. We want safety. We want a plan. Plans are great for determining direction, but reality p-sses on plans. The steps have other plans for us. It’s best to treat plans with a light touch. And a sense of humor.

Resisting the next step creates anxiety, discontent, exhaustion.

The next step may be scary. The next step may seem like a leap. We may convince ourselves that we’re lost.

“What should I do? I don’t know what to do!”

Simply take the next step…

The phone call. The email to send. The request to make. The conversation to start.

And then the next step will be revealed. Rinse and repeat.

If possible, let go of the idea that there is a utopian destination or some finish line. The sooner you can let go of this the better.

Consider the idea that whatever you’re working on may never be truly finished. And if you’re only in it for the finish, well, then there are bigger questions to ask yourself.

From this perspective — which is tough to take — we can choose to take the steps with a sense of adventure. Life can be fun. Life can be play.

We know how our life started. We can be sure that it will truly end. But what will the next step bring? And what will you do today to make it all worthwhile?

That’s the mystery.

Here’s to a good week.


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