There is a predator silently stalking you. It approaches from any direction at any time. It wants your money, your future and your peace of mind. It can and will steal the greatest experiences of your life.

This predator is sophisticated and it’s sure as shit for real. This predator can manipulate you like a puppeteer with his hand up your ass.

But you know what? Most guys are gladly pulling their pants down for him. In fact, they probably think they’re more “manly” as a result.


You see, as men we’ve been encouraged to dismiss our emotions — you’ve heard of ‘em right? Those confusing, weird experiences some call “feelings” we get from time to time. Those “feelings” — even that word conjures up “unmanly” images of tinkerbells and unicorns — drive every decision and choice we make.

So what’s the big deal? When we choose to ignore, repress, and dismiss these “feelings” we’re basically leaving the backdoor open for any dickweed Jim Henson to make us his Kermit. We leave ourselves blind to predatory manipulation at worst and suggestive influence at best.


Positive psychologist Jonathan Haidt suggests that we can imagine ourselves as two basic parts — the animalistic, automatic behaviors (the elephant) and the conscious, rational thinker (the rider).

So imagine a smart guy who knows what to do — the rider — trying to control a mighty elephant who doesn’t care what is right or best or smart. That elephant only wants to avoid pain and do what is easy and predictable and feels good in the short term.

It doesn’t matter how smart that rider is. Without the elephant’s participation, they’re not going anywhere.

This explains our constant struggle between what we “should be” doing and what we end up doing.


Sound familiar? Have you ever had a great idea and said, “I’m going to do that great idea!” and then didn’t follow through? Of course you have.

Which means you know about your own elephant and rider. (By the way, your rider is the one reading these very words right now because he wants control over this stubborn beast.)

So let’s bring it back to emotions. This elephant represents your emotional world — your fears, your desires, your cravings, your impulses, your quest for relief and comfort and distraction. And as we’ve just remembered, a smart rider can only man-handle this elephant so much. Especially if he doesn’t understand how to inspire and lead the elephant.


But here’s the rub — others do know how to inspire and lead elephants. They are Elephant Masters. They get paid billions to get elephants to jump through hoops because they know elephants are the ones who really buy stuff, eat stuff and want to screw stuff. They know elephants are the ones who really vote.

So when these Elephant Masters speak to you, they’re speaking to your elephant. They’re not steering him with good ideas or facts. They’re steering him with what he wants and what he fears. They’re steering him via his emotions, his feelings.

And if you’re one of those guys who scoffs at the elephant — meaning your emotional world and all of those “unmanly” feelings — well, then, you’re just a rider who’s along for the ride. No matter how smart you are.


Bottom line? Get to know your elephant. Get to know what really makes you tick. Get to know what you’re really feeling and wanting. Your emotions are the most powerful parts of your engine. Embracing your emotional world gives you the ability to harness all of that power.

Everything you really want in life will require the participation of the elephant. He is not going away. But when you ignore this part of you, the powerful elephant, you hand the reigns over to those who will treat you as just another beast.


How can you get a sense of direction that you feel passionate about?

How can you truly harness all of that power?

And most importantly how do you actually follow through?

It’s almost impossible to do this alone. And that’s why if you’re serious about making a shift then having a coach in your corner is imperative.

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