Many of us find ourselves dealing with dilemmas. Many options. But which one to choose?

Try this: A Maybe is a No.

If one of those options isn’t a “hell yes!” to you, then don’t choose it.


I hear you. You may miss out. You may end up alone. You may end up with nothing.

This is the voice of fear and scarcity. This is the voice that doesn’t trust that you can create the opportunity you want. It says, “I have to settle for what comes along.”


I hear this one, too. How can you expect perfection? Perfectionism is another expression of fear. Perfectionism says, “If it’s not perfect then (insert something bad) will happen.”

What I’m suggesting is Trust. Trust in yourself to do (3) things.


#1 Trust that without this maybe-sorta-kinda-okay-option you’ll survive. You can say “no” and the world will be okay.

#2 Trust that you can clarify what you’re a “hell yes” to. Think enthusiasm vs perfection. Take the lead instead of waiting for life to figure out what you want and deliver it on a platter.

#3 Trust that you can create (or co-create with others) that “hell yes.” You’ll take that vision, commit to it, and follow through.

Simple? Yes. Easy? Not always. But you can do this — especially with the help of a coach or group of friends.


What would your life be like if “maybe” was a “no”?

Let me know if I can help,


PS If you’re realizing that if you could do it alone you would have done it already, then click here to learn how we can work together to clarify what you really want and follow through.