Do you wish you could approach any woman, any time, anywhere?

Do you get stuck planning the perfect thing to say so you don’t screw up?

And how do you let her know you want to be more than just friends?

Dating coach Shana James shares her feminine perspective to help all guys — single and married — let go of the mind games and have more confidence, freedom, and connection with the ladies.

In this interview:

  • 3 ways to start conversations without using pickup lines
  • Why “getting it right” gets it wrong
  • What makes connecting with women easy
  • When and how to integrate your turn on
  • Dealing with the discomfort of sexual attraction
  • Attracting a quality woman vs the distracted party girl

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About Shana James staff_shana

Shana has worked with hundreds of men and women in Authentic Man Program and the Authentic Woman Experience. She is passionate about men having profound interactions and relationships with women. She calls out every man’s greatness and believes the world benefits from doing so.

Whether you are single or in relationship, working with Shana WILL deepen your experiences with women. This work is for any man who wants more connection, depth and spark with women!

Shana does not teach games or pick up lines. She works specifically with each man to bring awareness to places he holds back and feels stuck. With an open heart and incredible clarity, Shana will see you in a way that will change your life, allowing you to decisively step into the future you want.

Shana draws on years of experience as an individual coach and workshop leader, her Master’s degree in Psychology, and various other life practices to create a rich and powerful transformational coaching experience for you.

Click here to learn more about Shana’s e-course The Man She Wants