When you’re with your woman, are you afraid to get caught checking out other women?

Is it confusing that a woman makes an effort to look beautiful but you’re a jerk if you get caught looking at her?

And how can you admire a woman’s beauty in a cafe without being creepy?

Christiane Pelmas and David Bollt are hear to continue the conversation on sexual attraction, beauty, your relationship, porn, art, and most importantly — how this all impacts your power and fire for living.

In this interview:

  • If you’re in a relationship, is it wrong to check out other women?
  • How to be with your woman and admire other women, too
  • How cutting off your sexual energy is killing your mojo for everything
  • Why many guys live a split life sexually (think Don Draper or Carlos Danger)
  • How does looking at certain images of women kill your power and freedom?

From a woman’s perspective:

  • As a woman, what is it like to be admired by men?
  • What makes a man’s attention creepy?
  • Do women only want rich or good looking guys to check them out?
  • Is there a mixed message when women make an effort to appear beautiful but men feel like a jerk if they look?

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