Do you tell the truth or do whatever you can to avoid your woman’s emotional storm?

Do you sometimes feel mystified by the things she complains about?

And is she your partner or some authority who decides if you can do this or that?

Therapist and relationship coach (and my wife) Alyson Schwabe Lanier is here to help us understand women’s emotions and give us some practical direction to use when things go from bad to worse.

In this interview:

  • Avoiding the truth to keep the peace
  • Why things can feel flat in a relationship
  • The damage from trying to fix her or her problems
  • Making her your authority or mommy
  • What she is seeking when she’s being emotional
  • Practical tips for avoiding a fight
  • Setting boundaries when she attacks

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About Alyson Schwabe Lanier

alyson-bioAlyson Lanier has been in the mental health and human services field since 1996.  Alyson received her BA and MA in psychology. Her experience and training spans from individual therapy to child, adolescent and family therapy, domestic and child abuse, clinical psychology, and behavior management. In 2004, she was licensed by the state of Colorado as a professional counselor (LPC). She completed specialization training to be a certified Gestalt therapist in 2005, with special focus on attachment in relationships.

From 1996 to 2007, Alyson primarily worked with families and children. Her clinical experience includes residential care, individual, child, adolescent and family therapy, social work, and child protection services. She was also a teaching and training professional in parenting and behavior management.  In 2008, Alyson shifted her focus to work primarily with adult individuals in a therapeutic setting, and continues to offer creative and dynamic interventions for personal growth. She has been published in the North Denver News, the Longmont Health magazine, the Daily Times Call, and Natural Solutions Magazine. Alyson has also worked in a didactic settings, ranging from the Integral Institute in Boulder, Colorado, to teaching gestalt at Naropa University’s graduate school of psychology.

Call (303) 800-4391 or email her via Alyson (at) AlysonLanier (dot) com to set up a consultation.

Click here to find out more about how Alyson helps men and women to make positive changes in their lives and relationships.

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