Here’s an “out of the box” idea that has helped a lot of guys. I use it with my own coaching clients and it works.

It has to do with neediness — specifically neediness around women.

There was a point in my life — years ago after a big breakup — where I felt like a leper when I was around women. I felt like I was magically repelling them.

I was needy, I was insecure, I didn’t have any confidence. It was a terrible experience.

But it led me to take a break from women and dating. I just simply let go of trying to “get” a girl or “get” a date or “get” laid.

I spent almost an entire year just simply focusing on how to enjoy my life without this “need” to be with a woman.

The result? I found a much deeper sense of confidence and ease. I found that I could interact with women and have a foundational knowing that I was okay.

And it transformed everything for me. I found myself being more playful and confident in every area of my life.

I felt much more powerful, and I often look back at that time when I feel challenged nowadays. That experience helps me reconnect with my inner-confidence.

Now my friends Casey and Bryan over at the Authentic Man Program are leading a very similar opportunity called the No Woman Diet.

This program is a tight course — they’ve run it several times and made it better each time. It’s helped a lot of guys.

When I was figuring this out for myself, I had to make a lot of mistakes and wander around in the dark. I wish this was available way back then.

Click here to listen to Bryan talk about how his neediness drove another woman to sleep with his best friend.


He’ll also tell you more about the No Woman Diet program.

Enjoy Bryan’s video and I’ve got more great interviews for you on the way. Stay tuned.


PS Again, click here to learn more about the No Woman Diet and see if it’s right for you.