When you get uncomfortable – do you keep going or retreat?rejection-therapy-logo-sm

Is pushing the edge of your comfort zone a bad thing?

And how would your life be different if you weren’t afraid of what others might say or think?

Jason Comely got sick of worrying about rejection — so he made a game out of it. Today we discuss how seeking rejection is helping people all around the world live an amazing life.

In this interview:

  • How to get over rejectionrejection-therapy-suggestion-cards-sm
  • When your comfort zone becomes a cage
  • How to play the “rejection therapy” game
  • Why we feel drained and how to feel more alive
  • How you can make a huge difference starting today

Click here to learn more about the Rejection Therapy game.

About Jason Comely


Jason Comely is an entrepreneur and the mind behind Rejection Therapy, a game hailed as “the Latest Self-Help Hit in the U.S.” by the UK Daily Mail.

Previously, Jason created and wrote the fitness book Zero to Superhero, a blend of comic book parlance and unconventional wisdom that captured the cult imagination in the mid 2000s.

Jason is a proactive voice for the environment and animal rights. He lives in Cambridge Ontario and is the father of three.

Click here to learn more about the Rejection Therapy game.


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